The ABN is pleased to announce the launch of a crèche service at the 2022 meeting. This service will cater for ages 0 – 8 years and is provided by Nipperbout, who have almost 30 years experience in the event childcare sector.

Childcare cover will run from Wednesday 18 – Friday 20 May from 0845 until 1730 each day, covering the lunchtime period.

Once registered, parents and carers can drop off and pick up their child(ren) throughout the day, depending on their schedules. In order to promote a great experience with the Nipperbout team, you will be asked to provide information about your child’s routine and particular interests, along with any instructions regarding special dietary needs and allergies.

The ABN is proud to subsidise this service, meaning delegates will pay only £25 per child / per day for the use of the crèche. This is payable during the registration process.

It is envisaged that the uptake of this service may be small for the first year, but by making this investment and building on it in future Annual Meetings, the ABN will create a culture which is parent-friendly and accommodating of neurologists with young families.

Nipperbout is fully Ofsted compliant so if you have an older school-aged child who you would like to bring to Harrogate, please get in touch so we can discuss.