Thank you for your continued support of the ABN! We are delighted to welcome you to the Harrogate Convention Centre for our first in-person Annual Meeting in 3 years. The conference app will complement the live sessions and there are options for sponsors to add content to the app. Like us, I’m sure you’re looking forward to face to face interactions once again.

How do I get involved?
Existing partners will be contacted by our conference team on 3rd February 2022 with booking information. To add your details to our contact list, please email abnsponsor@affinityevents.co.uk.

Sponsored Symposia
Symposia slots have been allocated and incorporated into our programme. We look forward to the symposia and what speakers and panellists will share.

Silent Symposia Sponsors
These smaller symposia talks will feature during the coffee breaks throughout the meeting and will be hosted by 3 different companies over the 3 days of the meeting. Please see programme for details.

Our exhibition will take place in Studio One at the HCC, which offers 1592sqm space and has its own off-road direct vehicle access. There is a hard-wearing charcoal carpet throughout. A plan of exhibition stands and current availability are shown below.


Exhibition Stands: Current availability, Studio One 

E01: Available
E02: Available
E03: Available
E04: Available
E05: Booked
E06: Available

E07: Booked
E08: Available
E09: Available
E10: Available
E11: Available
E12: Available

E13: Available
E14: Available
E15: Available
E16: Available
E17: Available
E18: Available

E19: Available
E20: Available
E21: Available
E22: Available
E23: Available

Annual Sponsors

Angelini Pharma
Jazz/GW Pharmaceuticals
Teva UK