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Tuesday 21 May

0745 - 0845

Galloway Suite ABN Committee Meetings: 

Carrick 2 Services
Carrick 3 Education
Harris 1 Research 
Harris 2 Quality
Ochil 1 EDI
Ochil 2 Data & Devices AG 

0900 - 0915

0915 - 1045

Pentland  Opening & Welcome: Richard Davenport, University of Edinburgh, Edinburgh

Pentland  Plenary Session 1 – Pathogenic mechanisms of neurological disorders
Chairs: Ingrid Hoeritzauer & Martin Turner
0915  Neurobiology of functional seizures: Mahinda Yogarajah, UCLH, London
0945  Understanding human pain using advanced neuroimaging: Irene Tracey, University of Oxford, Oxford
1015  Synaptic degeneration and Alzheimer’s disease: Tara Spires-Jones, University of Edinburgh, Edinburgh

1045 - 1130

Cromdale  Coffee, Exhibition & Silent Symposium from Teva

The migraine, anxiety and depression cycle: could CGRP inhibitors help break it?

1130 - 1230

Parallel Sessions

Pentland  Parallel Session 1: Cognitive/Vascular
Chairs: Akram Hosseini & John Janssen

1130 Medical management +/- surgery for symptomatic cerebral cavernous malformation: a randomised open pilot trial: Rustam Al-Shahi Salman
1142 Diagnostic utility of high resolution vessel wall MRI in the detection of cranio-cervical arterial dissection: Ayush Mohan
1154 Implementation of regular CSF biomarkers in the memory clinic: Simon Bell
1206 A computerised test identifies impaired cognitive function in the prodromal stages of genetic Frontotemporal Dementia: Kerala Adams-Carr
1218 Central auditory abilities are associated with cognitive and structural neuroimaging markers of Alzheimer’s disease: Meher Lad

Sidlaw  Parallel Session 2: Epilepsy
Chairs: Lina Nashef & Shanika Samarasekera

1130 Distinctive seizure semiology in the first video study of a naturally-occurring feline autoimmune encephalitis model: Sophie Binks
1142 Association of antiseizure medications and adverse cardiovascular events:  A global health federated network analysis: Josie Mayer
1154 Are anti-epileptic drugs associated with immune dysfunction? A large data-linkage nested case-control study: Milad-Kazava Keshvari
1206 Changes in heart-brain integration precede psychogenic pseudosyncope: Rohan Kandasamy
1218 An international cohort study of valproate withdrawal risks in young men and women: Gashirai Mbizvo

1230 - 1400

Lunch, Exhibition and Symposia

1245 – 1345
Lomond Suite Sponsored Symposia sessions:

Alnylam: hATTR amyloidosis with polyneuropathy: The imperative to ACT now at the early red flag signs of diagnostic suspicion

AbbVie: Insights into the preventative treatment of migraine and impact on patient outcomes

Eisai: Transforming care in early Alzheimer’s disease: a new era for patients and clinicians

1405 - 1445

Pentland  ABN Medallist Lecture
Citation: Tom Warner
Three phospholipid headgroups and a neurological tale: Lionel Ginsberg, London

1445 - 1545

Pentland  Plenary Session 2 – Difficult management issues
Chairs: James Holt & Biba Stanton
1445  How to support your patients with their sexual difficulties: Laura Jarvis, Tayside
1515  How to treat CIDP: Rob Hadden, London

1545 - 1630

Cromdale  Coffee, Exhibition & Silent Symposium from Teva

The migraine, anxiety and depression cycle: could CGRP inhibitors help break it?

1630 - 1745

Strathblane  Poster Session 1

With guided poster tours in:
Group 1: Cognitive 
Chairs: Dan Blackburn & Timothy Rittman

Group 3: General/Vascular
Chairs: Shona Scott & Anthony Perriera

Group 5: Infection/Auto-immune
Chairs: Tom Solomon & James Varley

Group 7: MS/Inflammatory
Chairs: Tarunya Arun & Klaus Schmierer

Group 9: Peripheral Nerve
Chairs: Carolynne Doherty & Stephen Keddie

1800 - 1900

Strathblane  Drinks Reception

Wednesday 22 May

0745 - 0845

Special Interest Groups

Tinto MS – Sponsored by Roche
Hot Breakfast Rolls will be available 
Chairs: Tarunya Arun & Klaus Schmierer
SIG activities round up: Tarunya Arun
Transforming MS 4 all update: David Rog & Joela Matthews
MSSN annual round up: Nicola Daykin
Neurosarcoidosis data collection, Coaching in MS: Klaus Schmierer

Moorfoot Peripheral Nerve – Sponsored by argenx & Alnylam
Hot Breakfast Rolls will be available 
Chair: Tim Lavin
0745 2023 EFNS/PNS Guidelines on diagnosis and treatment of Guillain-Barre Syndrome: Rob Hadden
0805 Case Discussion: GBS and mimics: Junie Shiwen Koay
0825 What does the future hold? Amy Davidson

Kilsyth Headache
Pastries will be available
Chair: Nick Silver
Speakers: Gina Kennedy, Giorgio Lambru & Krishna Dani 
Clinical Headache Dilemmas in 2024: An update on 21st century Primary headache management
0745 MaBs or Pants: Jabs or Tabs & what about Tox? – Which? Why? When, Where & How?
0815 New therapies: Stopping, Switching & Adding – Who? When? Why & How?

Ochil 1 Cognitive
Pastries will be available
Chair: Dan Blackburn
0745 Introductions followed by, ‘Anti-amyloid therapies in Alzheimer’s disease: Clinical benefit, safety and health system readiness’: Craig Ritchie
0825 ABN Cognitive SIG committee Panel Discussion: Dan Blackburn, Chris Buttler, Rhys Davies, Akram Hosseini & Tobias Langheinrich

Harris 1 Autonomic
Pastries will be available
Chairs: Valeria Iodice & Gordon Ingle
Refractory Neurogenic Orthostatic Hypotension Speakers: Valeria Iodice, Gordon Ingle, Giacomo Chiaro
• Overview covering the options currently available and the rationale for their use
• Case study presentations
• Information about an important new initiative with NHS England to make Droxidopa available for neurological use and other ongoing treatment trials
• Interactive discussion to close

Harris 2 Epilepsy
Pastries will be available
Chairs: Laura Mantoan, Rhys Thomas & Lina Nashef
A short guide to Epilepsy Genetics and WGS: Frances Elmslie
The role of mitochondrial genetics in epilepsy: Rhys Thomas
Novel avenues for diagnosing and treating mTOR pathway related epilepsies: Laura Mantoan
New horizons for Dravet Syndrome – SCN1A: Andreas Brinklaus
Should all patients undergo pre-surgical genetic testing? Amy McTague

Sidlaw FND
Pastries will be available
Chair: Jon Stone
0745 Introduction: Jon Stone
0750 Long Covid, with Q&A: Alan Carson
0820 Pain and FND: Ingrid Hoeritzauer

0900 - 1030

Pentland  Plenary Session 3 – Expert advice for the non-expert
Chairs: Emma Tallantyre & Jeremy Rees
0900  NF1; not just skin deep: John Ealing, Salford Royal Hospital, Manchester
0930  OCT and other neuro-ophthalmology investigations: Luke Bennetto, Southmead Hospital, Bristol
1000  Palliative care for neurological disorders: Jonathan Martin, UCLH, London

1030 - 1115

Cromdale  Coffee, Exhibition & Silent Symposium from Novartis

The future of UK clinical practice for MS – Is neurofilament the answer?

1120 - 1200

Pentland  ABN Gordon Holmes Lecture
Supported by the Guarantors of Brain 
Citation: Lucy Kinton
You contain multitudes: human brain mosaicism in neurological diseases from development to degeneration: Christopher Walsh, Harvard Medical School, Boston, USA


1200 - 1300

Pentland  Plenary Session 4 – Acute neurology in practice
Chairs: Rustam Al-Shahi Salman & Krista Farrell
1200  Intracranial haemorrhage: Adrian Parry-Jones, Salford Royal Hospital, Manchester
1230  The ward referral: encephalitis: Nick Davies, Imperial College, London

1300 - 1415

Lunch, Exhibition & Symposia

1315 – 1415  
Lomond Suite  Sponsored Symposia sessions:

Pfizer: Targeted Approaches to Migraine Management

argenx: Advancing Myasthenia Gravis Care in the UK: The latest Real-World Efgartigimod Data and strategies to Enhance Patient Quality of Life

Janssen: Interpreting clinical guidelines for Multiple Sclerosis DMTs: a case-example of Ponesimod

1415 - 1530

Strathblane  Poster Session 2

With guided poster tours in:

Group 2: Epilepsy
Chairs: Heather Angus-Leppan & Ann Johnston

Group 4: Headache/Pain
Chairs: Mireia Moragas Garrido & Alok Tyagi

Group 6: Movement Disorders
Chairs: Christopher Kobylecki & Ed Newman

Group 8: Neuromuscular Disorders
Chairs: Dipa Jayaseelan & James Lilleker

Group 10: Quality, Service & Training
Chairs: Gordon Ingle & Anjum Misbahuddin

1530 - 1630

Pentland  Plenary Session 5 – Developing a new service
Chairs: Claire Rice & Arani Nitkunan
1530  Advice and guidance and referral management systems: Fiona McKevitt, Royal Hallamshire Hospital, Sheffield
1550  Working with primary care: Nicola Williams, Wandsworth CCG, London
1610  The MDT: MS DMTs for the non-specialist: Simon Shields, Musgrove Park Hospital, Taunton

1630 - 1700

Cromdale  Coffee, Exhibition & Silent Symposium from Novartis

The future of UK clinical practice for MS – Is neurofilament the answer?

1700 - 1800

Parallel Sessions

Pentland Parallel Session 3: General/QST
Chairs: Pooja Dassan & Jon Stone

1700 Beyond 5 years, the Sustained Effectiveness of Bariatric Surgery: the Idiopathic Intracranial Hypertension Weight Trial: Mark Thaller
1712 The palliative care needs of people living with sporadic Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease (sCJD) – the EMBED-Care study: Rachel Williams
1724 Encephalitis-Associated Antibodies: Retrospective analysis of 5 years data from the NHNN Neuroimmunology Laboratory: Anna Nagy
1736 Recommendations for the use of remote consultations in neurology outpatients: Christopher Kipps
1748 Meta-analysis of Artificial Intelligence for pCLE-based Brain Tumour Characterisation And Extent Of Tumour Resection: Joseph  Davids

Sidlaw  Parallel Session 4: Movement Disorders
Chairs: Thomasin Andrews & David Breen

1700 Neuroimaging and plasma biomarker evidence for white matter macrostructure loss in Parkinson’s disease: Angeliki Zarkali
1712 Dopa responsiveness in Parkinson’s disease: Sacha Gandhi
1724 Cutaneous phosphorylated-synuclein: an early diagnostic biomarker for pure autonomic failure: Shiwen Koay
1736 Surface-Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy as a biomarker for Huntington’s Disease: Tagore Nakornchai (Was poster 57)
1748 Magnetoencephalography with optically pumped magnetometers (OPM-MEG): studying brain activity in neurological patients while standing: Christopher Gilmartin


Lomond Suite, EICC Gala Dinner & Ceilidh

Thursday 23 May

0745 - 0845

Special Interest Groups

Tinto Neuroinfection
Pastries will be available
Chair: Benedict Michael
Neurological infection in the immunocompromised: Nicholas Davies
The returning traveller: Catherine Houlihan
Lessons from the national MDT: Hadi Manji
The frontiers of clinical research: Benedict Michael & Mark Ellul

Moorfoot Neuro-ophthalmology
Pastries will be available
Chair: Luke Bennetto
0745 Retinal imaging and Neurodegenerative Disorders: Gordon Plant
0805 Retinal Imaging in Neuro-Ophthalmology: Justin McKee
0825 MOG and NMO Optic Neuritis: Anna Francis

Kilsyth Sustainability
Pastries will be available
Chair: Jan Coebergh
0745 Sustainability and climate change- what neurologists and neurology trainees can do: Sara Leddy
0800 Taking neurology back to nature: James Bashford
0815 Carbon footprinting neurology clinical trials: Rustam Al-Shahi Salman
0830 AGM/AOB

Harris 1&2 Epilepsy 2
Pastries will be available
Chair: Lina Nashef
0745 Welcome: Lina Nashef
0745 The SAGE Project: Rhys Thomas
0750 The Effect of Valproate on Male Reproduction and MHRA guidance: Lucy Kinton
0810 Questions- Folate and Pregnancy: Michael Kinney
0825 Questions- Management of epilepsy in pregnancy and the postpartum period: Pooja Dassan

Ochil 1 Neuro-oncology
Pastries will be available
Chair: Shanika Samarasekera
Theme: Developments in neuro-oncological therapies and their implications for neurology
What’s new? Emerging oncological therapies and their implications: Faye Robertson
Checkpoint inhibitors and their neurological side effects: Smriti Bose
Lessons learnt from clinical research: looking forward: Robin Grant

Ochil 2 Normal Pressure Hydrocephalus
Pastries will be available
Chair: Chris Carswell
How to manage NPH a disorder that is both under and over -diagnosed
0745 Evidence and Epidemiology: Chris Carswell
0800 How to Assess Someone with NPH: Naomi Warren
0815 How to Perform a CSF tap-test: Tobias Langheinrich
0830 Panel and audience discussion & AOB

Sidlaw Myasthenia Gravis – Sponsored by argenx & UCB
Hot Breakfast Rolls will be available
Chair: Jennifer Spillane 
0745 Tolerance/Side effects of current MG medications: Katy Dodd & Jon Sussman
0800 Updating Rituximab use in MG: Channa Hewamadduma & Jennifer Spillane
0815 Regional MDTs and newer treatments: Jennifer Spillane & Isabel Leite
0830 Guidelines: Jennifer Spillane

0900 - 0930

Pentland  AGM

0930 - 1045

Pentland  Case Presentation Competition
Chairs: Louise Davidson & Matt Jones
0930 Locked jaw as a neurology referral: Hridya Agnus Moorthiraj
0942 What are the chances? Alex Gordon
0956 Deciphering Riddles of Rippling Muscles: Hiba Malik 
1008 Collapse, confusion, and clots: Chevonne Van Rhee
1020 When dementia can be cured: Mahsa Layegh
1032 A Rare Presentation of A Rare Disease. Or Is It? Aye Moe

1045 - 1130

Pentland  ABN Practical Neurology lecture
Chairs: Phil Smith & Geraint Fuller
Ehlers Danlos Syndromes: the importance of defining the type –
Fleur van Dijk, Northwick Park Hospital, London

1130 - 1215

Cromdale  Coffee & Exhibition

1215 - 1315

Parallel Sessions

Pentland  Parallel Session 5: MS/Inflammatory
Chairs: Alasdair Coles & Kate Petheram

1215 A case series of adults with MOGAD encephalitis: Samuel Pace
1227 DMT exposure during pregnancy and postpartum decision making: data from the UK MS Pregnancy Register: Emily Tregaskis-Daniels
1239 Medication use is associated with cognitive deficits in people with multiple sclerosis: Clara Atiyeh
1251 Kinome profiling in progressive multiple sclerosis using bone marrow-derived mesenchymal stromal cells: Claire Rice
1303 Genetic profiles predict risk of multiple sclerosis response to treatment and severity: Karim Kreft

Sidlaw  Parallel Session 6: Neuromuscular
Chairs: Carolyn Gabriel & Chinar Osman

1215 Refractory myasthenia gravis characterised by loss of regulatory T cells and expanded memory B cells: Katy Dodd
1227 Efficacy and Safety of anti-FcRN treatment in Refractory MG-the UK experience of the Efgartigimod EAMS: Joana Moniz Dionísio
1239 Noninvasive quantification of fasciculations to track tofersen therapy in SOD1-ALS: the first case series: James Bashford
1251 Intravenous Immunoglobulin cessation trials in Chronic Inflammatory Demyelinating Polyneuropathy: George Ransley
1303 RFC1 CANVAS: genotype phenotype correlations: Andrea Cortese

1315 - 1445

Lunch, Exhibition & Symposium

1330 – 1430  
Lomond Suite  Sponsored Symposia sessions:

UCB: Advancing the management of generalised myasthenia gravis with a new era of targeted therapies

Angelini Pharma: Clinical Management of Epilepsy – Current Challenges and Opportunities?

Eli Lilly: Timely and accurate diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease – optimising cognitive and biomarker testing

1445 - 1545

Pentland  Plenary Session 6: Video Session
Chairs: Kirsten Scott & David Nicholl
1445  Gait disorders: Sundus Alusi, Liverpool
1515  Localisation of seizures: Fahminda Chowdhury, London

1545 - 1630

Pentland  CPC
Chair: Richard Davenport

Discussant: Ruth Dobson, Queen Mary University, London

Pathologist: Colin Smith, University of Edinburgh, Edinburgh

1630 - 1645

Pentland  Prize Presentations & Close
Richard Davenport, University of  Edinburgh, Edinburgh