Your Silent
Symposium Guide

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Read below for all information relating to your silent symposium

Getting in touch

• Please read through the information below and make a note of the deadline dates

• Click here or on the button above for a summary table of these dates

• All deadlines relate to 1700hrs

• If anything is unclear or you have any queries which are not covered in this guide, please get in touch

• Our response time is 48 hours, but is usually within 24 (Monday – Friday, 0900 – 1700hrs)

• If you are using a medical comms agency and want us to liaise with them on your behalf, please first introduce us by email


Your silent symposia date and time(s) have been confirmed to you by the ABN.

Your Silent Symposia sessions take place in the morning and afternoon coffee breaks on the day you are sponsoring, as per the table below. You can also see the full programme here.

Short presentations of 15 – 25 minutes are recommended. The start time of these is at your discretion, within the times below.

Tue 21: am
1045 – 1130
Tue 21: pm
1545 – 1630
Wed 22: am1030 – 1115
Wed 22: pm1630 – 1700
Thur 23: am1130 – 1215

The Silent Symposia venue is situated in the Cromdale Hall – see the floor plan here.

You have exclusive use of the Silent Symposium venue on the day you are sponsoring, with access to the Cromdale Hall from 0800 to 1700.

A venue-wide floor plan of the EICC can be found here. The Cromdale hall is on Level -2.

The Silent Symposium Venue

Seating: Theatre style, capacity 30

Technical Provision:
• 2x 70″ screens either side of the lectern, 1920 x 1080 resolution
• Fan blade lectern
• Windows 11 laptop with latest version of Office365 at the lectern
• 30x silent symposium headsets
• 1x speaker headset & mic
• Technician to control sound to the headsets and assist with PowerPoint setup
• You are welcome to bring your own technician if needed – Please remember to register them

Registering your team

All personnel attending your silent symposium MUST be registered.


Passes for your team can be booked individually, or in a group through our team registration link. 

If you have several passes to register, the team link will be quicker as it allows you to input all your team’s details then make one card payment.

The types of passes you may need are listed below:

Symposium Speakers attend the meeting free of charge for 1 day.

Exhibitor passes are chargeable.
All pass types give access to all areas of the meeting.

Please Note:
All team members must be registered in advance of the meeting.
If a staff member turns up who has not been registered in advance, they will need to register and pay by card before entry.

Deadline for registration: Fri 3 May


We will promote your silent symposium session in the following ways:

• Your title will appear in
– the online Programme
– the printed Mini Programme
– the ABN App

• Delegates will be reminded of the symposium by the chairs of the previous sessions

Deadline for sending us your symposium title: Tue 2 April


You can brand the silent symposium venue throughout the day using the 2x screens either side of the lectern. This can be a still image, or a video (no sound).

Our technician is unable to check or amend your presentation.

You have the opportunity to brand the lectern. The panel is 510mm x 140mm and we would recommend the artwork be printed on 3mm foamex. Graphics should be mounted using a low tac adhesive tape and should be removed at the end of the day. The ABN are not liable for any damage caused by contractors and any damage will be billed on. 

We do not need to see your media files in advance.

Arriving at the venue


See the link here for parking options near the EICC

• Use the Strathblane Entrance when you arrive
• The registration desk will be in the reception area in front of you
• Please ensure all speakers and staff are registered in advance – those who turn up on the day without a badge will be required to register and pay before entry

 Set up
• You will be directed to the Cromdale Hall on arrival
• The venue will be set up with 30x chairs, 30 headsets, 1x speaker headset & mic, a lectern and 2x screens
• A technician from the venue will assist you and make you familiar with the equipment
• The venue technician will not check your presentation – this is your responsibility
• You may bring your presentation on a memory stick
• You are also welcome to bring in your own technician – Please remember to register them

• Catering is provided to all meeting attendees
• Teas and coffees will be available nearby – delegates can collect refreshments and bring them to the silent symposium venue
• Delegates will also utilise the space during the lunch break when you are not presenting. Take advantage of the footfall to engage with attendees!

Your tenancy
• Your presentations cannot overrun
• Please vacate the silent symposium venue at 1700, leaving the area in the condition you found it
• Failure to do this will result in additional charges


It is unfortunately not possible to record your silent symposium session.

Please leave the venue in the condition you found it in when you leave at 1700 hrs.

Anything else?

If you have any queries, please contact us.

Thank you for your support – we wish you a successful meeting!