ABN 2024

Speaker & Chair Guide

Thank you for your input into the meeting

Please read below for information about your roles

Speakers & Chairs

• Read the information below and email us with any queries
• Our response is 48 hours, but is usually within 24 (Monday – Friday, 9am – 5pm)

Training Day speakers

There is no speaker preview room or chair for your session, but all other information below remains the same.

Speaker Information

Preparing your talk
• Please design your slides in 16:9 (not 4:3)

• You will present from a lectern, with a fixed mic
• You will have a radio button device to move on your slides
• The chair will manage questions from the audience via the app at the conclusion of your presentation
• We can check your slides beforehand to ensure that the text displays properly and any video files are correctly embedded
Upload your slide deck on/before 1700 on Thur 16 May
• Bring a backup of your work to the meeting on a pen drive
• Be sure to include copies of any video or sound files used, just in case we need to convert them
• If you plan to use your own computer to present, this is fine but please inform us of this on/before 1700 on Thur 16 May

Presenting from your own lap top
It is your responsibility to ensure that your machine is up to date and has the necessary drivers to allow presentations. The connection at the lectern is via an HDMI cable. Please ensure that you bring the necessary adaptors if required. Make sure that you have a local copy of the presentation on the laptop rather than it being hosted on a cloud drive in case of internet problems.
Speaker preview room
The speaker preview room is in the Soutra on the ground level of the EICC. Please report to the technician in this room at least an hour before your session is due to start, so we can ensure that all presentations are present and in the correct running order. You will be able to make last-minute changes to your presentation before it is loaded onto a local server. You will have support from the technical team to ensure your presentation is running correctly on the screen in the room where you are speaking.
Your presentation
Sessions will be recorded. Registered delegates of the meeting will be able to watch your talk on the app from 2 weeks after the meeting until 2 September 2024. Your slides will be deleted from our servers after the meeting.

Chair Information

If you have not chaired a session at an ABN event before, please visit the speaker preview room for instructions on how to chair and use the Q&A software.

Speaker Preview is located in the Soutra on the ground floor, to the right of the registration desk.

• If you are chairing an abstract session, please read the abstracts in advance and think of questions to ask the presenter (links below)
• Our chairs are a mixture of those that have chaired before and those that haven’t
• Please plan who will do what with your co-chair before your session so you can share the work equally
• Note down questions you can ask in advance, if needed
• It is essential that your session runs to time
• A member of the ABN office team will be the room manager and your point of contact in the hall
• A printed chair pack will be on the top table when you arrive
• The chair pack will outline any announcements you need to make for your particular session and remind you of these guidelines
• If you are unclear about any aspect of your role, please consult the chair pack, ask your co-chair or ask your room manager

General Announcements for the audience

Use the app for Q&A. If you need help to post a question, ask a member of staff, at the ABN stand or the registration desk
• Thank you to our sponsors who help make this meeting possible
• Please visit the exhibition stands in the Cromdale Hall, and the sponsored symposia sessions

Handling Q&A

Delegates ask questions on the app – as they do, the questions will appear on the screen in front of you
• Aim for a diversity of questions
• Gently bring the question time to a close within the allotted time in order to keep to schedule

Scoring - Parallel Session chairs

• Please ensure you score each poster in your session via the scoring link provided here or via the app.
• You are welcome to score other abstracts too
• Please complete your scoring by 1330 on Thur 23 May

Read your abstracts now

Summary of chair names

Day & TimeSessionChairs
Tue 21: 0915Plenary Session 1: Pathogenic mechanisms of neurological disordersIngrid Hoeritzauer & Martin Turner
Tue 21: 1130Parallel Session 1: Cognitive/VascularAkram Hosseini & John Janssen
Tue 21: 1130Parallel Session 2: EpilepsyLina Nashef & Shanika Samarasekera
Tue 21: 1405Medallist LectureTom Warner (Citation)
Tue 21: 1445Plenary Session 2: Difficult management issuesJames Holt & Biba Stanton
Wed 22: 0900Plenary Session 3: Expert advice for the non-expertEmma Tallantyre & Jeremy Rees
Wed 22: 1120Gordon Holmes LectureLucy Kinton (Citation)
Wed 22: 1200Plenary Session 4: Acute neurology in practiceRustam Al-Shahi Salman & Krista Farrell
Wed 22: 1530Plenary Session 5: Developing a new serviceClaire Rice & Arani Nitkunan
Wed 22: 1700Parallel Session 3: General/QSTPooja Dassan & Jon Stone
Wed 22: 1700Parallel Session 4: Movement DisordersThomasin Andrews & David Breen
Thur 23: 0930Case Presentation CompetitionLouise Davidson & Matt Jones
Thur 23: 1045Practical Neurology lecturePhil Smith & Geraint Fuller
Thur 23: 1215Parallel Session 5: MS/InflammatoryAlasdair Coles & Kate Petheram
Thur 23: 1215Parallel Session 6: NeuromuscularCarolyn Gabriel & Chinar Osman
Thur 23: 1445Plenary Session 6: Video SessionKirsten Scott & David Nicholl
Thur 23: 1545CPCRichard Davenport