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General Information

Exhibition Hall
• The exhibition, catering, posters and silent symposia will be in the Cromdale Hall on Level -2 at the EICC
• A current floor plan can be found here
• A 360o tour of the room can be found here


Exhibition Hall Opening Hours

Set up
Mon 20 May: 1030 – 2000
You will be allocated a specific time within this window to unload nearer the meeting.

Exhibition open to delegates
Tue 21 May: 0900 – 1700
Wed 22 May: 0900 – 1700
Thur 23 May: 0900 – 1445

Break down
Thur 23 May: 1500 – 1800


Your stand
Your stand location will be confirmed upon signing your booking confirmation form.

Your stand will either be shell scheme or space only

Shell Scheme Stands

A shell scheme package consists of:
White panelled walls
• Aluminium posts
• Facia and name board
• 1x 500w double socket
• 1x LED fluorescent strip light
• 2x chairs

We can arrange printing of your white panels to match your branding  – as per the picture below.

The deadline for arranging printing for your shell scheme walls is now over. 

Please email us to discuss printing or power to your stand.

Space Only Stands

‘Space only’ stands are for rental of the floor space only. This gives you creative control to design your stand from scratch.

• Your space only stand space will be marked out on the floor with tape at the edges
• You will need to arrange all content for your stand space, including any power and furniture

Space only is not suitable for pop up banners and if you choose this option, we expect your company to be bringing your own pre-designed bespoke exhibition stand – see example below. If your stand adjoins another space, the exterior facing walls should be finished and painted in a neutral colour.

The deadline for ordering power is now over. If you need to discuss your power requirements, please email us.

Shell scheme: Branding

You can arrange to have your white panel walls printed, if required. To arrange, book your shell scheme then email us to discuss. Prices vary depending on your design. The cost per panel starts at £198+VAT.

Graphics can be inserted so the panel edges are visible (as above) or seamless (with no visible lines in between).

Space only: Your build

• Maximum height build is 2.8m

• Fork lift hire must be pre-booked with the venue at least 14 days prior to the event. Max weight for fork lift is 1500kg

Shell scheme: Documentation

Please email us the following:
• Public Liability Insurance certificate
• Risk Assessment
Deadline: Monday 22 April

Space only: Documentation

Please email us the following:
• Public Liability Insurance certificate
• Risk Assessment
• Stand plans
• Method statement
Deadline: Monday 22 April

For further information on what to send us and when, click here.

Venue Flooring

Please note venue flooring is carpeted grey. If you wish to lay carpet this must be on a wooden underlay. No adhesives are to be used on permanent carpeted floors and walls. Any damage will be charged to exhibitors.


All stands will need to book all power in advance.
Deadline: Monday 22 April
The deadline has now passed. Please email us to discuss.
You can order extension leads along with your power or bring your own. If bringing yourself, please note leads must be: 

• Fused
• Used for a maximum load of 6 amps (1500w)
• Be a strip design (not a block – see diagram)

Our electrical safety representative reserves the right to disconnect equipment that does not conform to electrical safety standards.


Equipment may be delivered to the EICC no earlier than Friday 17 May.

Packages should be clearly marked and addressed as follows:

ABN Meeting
Stand number & Company Name
Cromdale Hall
Edinburgh International Conference Centre
The Exchange
Loading Bay
Off West Approach Road

Packages should be collected on Thursday 23 May from 1500 – 1800.

Please include the name & mobile no of your onsite contact on all deliveries and collections.

The EICC loading bay is accessed off West Approach Road, Edinburgh – EH3 8EE. See the map here for details.


Collections for after the event need to be arranged for Thur 23 May between 1530 and 1800.

If you require storage after this time, the venue can accommodate this, at your own risk, for a maximum of 1 working day.

Please fill in the form here for all packages that are left after this time.

Please note the instructions on the form regarding items left at the end of tenancy, namely:
• Items can be left for 1 working day only
• Charges will apply after this time, with charges to be paid in full before release of item(s)
• Items left for longer than 5 working days may be disposed of
• Items will be collected via the loading bay – see map here for details


There is no storage facility for boxes or equipment at the EICC.
Please put any boxes or equipment beneath tables on your stand, or return to your vehicle.

Meeting Rooms | Symposia Rehearsal Space

These are available at a cost of £500+VAT per 4 hour slot
Please email us to arrange if required abnsponsor@affinityevents.co.uk

App Links

Add a link for PI info only £100
Add an external link for other purposes £500

These can be added to your booking form or arranged by email


Catering will be provided for registered exhibitors and delegates of the meeting. Please see the programme for lunch and coffee break timings. If you plan to distribute refreshments from your stand, this must be arranged directly with the venue – please use the link here to arrange, or contact Karen from the EICC catering team at: karend@eicc.co.uk.


There is a free cloakroom at the EICC next to the registration desk on the ground level.


You will need to move your vehicle immediately after unloading. 

There are many car parks within close walking distance of the EICC. See further details here.


The exhibition hall will be cleaned at the end of the day, but the individual stands are your responsibility.

At the end of the tenancy it is your responsibility to dispose of any boxes or packaging associated with your stand leaving the space as you found it on departure. Any exhibitors who leave their space in a condition that requires extra cleaning, or who leave any items behind that require disposal, will incur a charge. The exhibition hall must be cleared by 1900 on Thursday 23 May.

Symposia Sponsors

We will send separate instructions to symposia sponsors regarding these arrangements.

Anything we've missed?

Please get in touch if you have any questions: abnsponsor@affinityevents.co.uk

We wish you a successful meeting!