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Symposium Guide

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Read below for all information relating to your symposium session.

Getting in touch

• Please read through the information below and make a note of the deadline dates.

• Click here or on the button above for a summary table of these dates.

• All deadlines relate to 1700hrs.

• If anything is unclear or you have any queries which are not covered in this guide, please get in touch.

• Our response time is 48 hours, but is usually within 24 (Monday – Friday, 0900 – 1700hrs).

Your symposium slot

Your symposium date and time has been confirmed to you by the ABN.

Your symposium venue, set up and break down times are in the table below.

All symposia take place in the Lomond Suite on the ground floor of the EICC. The suite subdivides into 3 rooms – Tinto, Moorfoot and Kilsyth.

The capacity in each room is 200.

To see your symposium room in the context of the wider venue, please click on the map here.

You have already supplied your symposium title to the ABN. Unless advised otherwise, we will use this in our programme. 

DateSet up fromRun timePack down byVenueSponsor
Tues 2109451245 -13451445TintoAlnylam
Wed 2210151315-14151515TintoPfizer
Thur 2310301330-14301530TintoUCB
KilsythEli Lilly


Your sponsored symposium entails:
• 60 minutes of presentation time
• Room hire
• Technical assistance on the day
• 1 day free registration for your speaker(s)
• Up to 6x symposium session passes for your support staff
• Publicity – more details below

Registering your team

All personnel attending your symposium MUST be registered.

Passes for your team can be booked individually, or in a group through our team registration link.

The types of passes you may need are listed below:

Symposium Speakers attend the meeting free of charge for 1 day.
Speaker passes give access to all areas of the venue.

Symposium support staff attend your session free of charge. Up to 6x such passes can be issued for your company.
Symposium support passes only give access to your symposium room for your set up, presentation time and break down.

Other colleagues who are already registered at the meeting as exhibitors are welcome to attend your symposium.

Any additional personnel attending your symposium must be registered as a delegate or exhibitor at the meeting.
Delegate and exhibitor passes give access to all areas of the meeting.

Please Note:
All team members must be registered in advance of the meeting.
If a staff member turns up who has not been registered in advance, they will need to register and pay by card before entry.

Deadline for registration: Mon 22 April


We will promote your symposium session on the following platforms:

• Online Programme
• Printed Mini Programme
• Conference App
• Announcements at the meeting by the chairs of the previous sessions

Online Programme

• Your symposium title, venue and company name will be added to the programme on the conference website on or before Tue 2 April

Mini Programme

Our A6 mini programme, similar to the one shown here, will double up as a badge. All meeting delegates will be given a badge like this when they register. We will print:

• Your company name, symposium title and venue.
Unless instructed otherwise, we will use the title you have already supplied.

• Your A6 portrait advert as included in your package
– Artwork should be supplied as a high resolution CMYK PDF file
– Size: 105 x 148mm (111 x 154mm with bleed)
– Please design for either right or left side
– Avoid the bottom 10mm corners as there needs to be room for the punch hole for the lanyard

Deadline for altering your symposium title: Tue 2 April
Deadline for sending your A6 advert: Tue 2 April

Meeting App

The Meeting app is accessible to all registered delegates of the meeting and launches on Monday 13 May. 

We publicise your symposium in the app in the following ways:

• Your company name, symposium title and venue will appear in the programme section of the app.
Unless instructed otherwise, we will use the title you have already supplied. 

• A PDF flyer up to 12 pages long can be added to your profile page.
Email this to us.

• A 5 minute video can be added to your profile page.
This should be sent to us as a full HD 1920×1080 mov or MP4 file (not a wmv). The content can be a synopsis of your symposium, an introduction to your company, an aspect of current research, or something else. Send your footage to us via wetransfer.

Deadline for altering your symposium title: Tue 2 April
Deadline for sending PDF & Video content: Fri 3 May

Announcements during the meeting

The chairs of the sessions which take place prior to the symposia will remind delegates that they are happening and will encourage people to attend.

Filming your session

We do not record the sponsored symposia sessions, but you are welcome to do this, if desired.

We will provide your film crew with a single XLR feed from the sound desk giving a copy of the main mix in the room. 

Please note – The capacity of your room is 200 without cameras. If you plan to film, please reduce this capacity accordingly to allow space for your camera(s) and tripod stand(s). 

If filming your symposium, the following stipulations apply:
• Please contact us in advance if you wish to film your session
• A notice on the door should inform delegates that the session is being filmed
• The chair should announce at the start of the session that filming is taking place
• Shots of the audience must be of the backs of heads only – no faces
• Speaker permission must be obtained in writing by you
• There should be no use of the ABN logo
• Nothing should imply that the ABN endorse the content
• The final footage must be sent to our office prior to release for permission (this is just a courtesy – the ABN will not unduly withhold permission

Deadline to request permission to film: Fri 3 May

Furniture & Branding

Lomond Suite is one large room which will be subdivided into 3 identical spaces for the symposia sessions. 

In your room there will be:

• A lectern
This can be branded with a front panel as shown here
Panel dimensions: 478mm (wide) x 385mm (high)    

• Top table with 4 chairs
This will be made from 2x tables pushed together, as shown
These can be branded, if desired
Panel dimensions: 1715mm (wide) x 115mm (high)

• 200 seats for the audience

Please note that all branding must be removed from the furniture after your session and the room left as you found it.

Branding orders will be passed onto the EICC.
• Artwork is required as high resolution CMYK PDFs
• Please add a 10mm bleed

Deadline for submitting artwork requests: Fri 3 May

Technical spec

The following equipment is the default technical provision for your symposium. If you need additional equipment, please contact us to arrange.

Comfort Monitors

• Comfort monitor for lectern & top table
• Microcue 2 clicker with built in green laser pointer

• Digital mixing desk & sound system
• Gooseneck mic on lectern
• 4 x gooseneck mics on table stands – top table
• 2 x radio mics – handheld
Note: No recording equipment

• 16:9 ratio – 1920 x 1080
• 2 x laptops with Windows 11 & Microsoft Office 365
• Option to plug in a laptop at the lectern
• 1 x Audio feed to sound desk from laptop
• Switcher/scaler
• All necessary cabling for above

Deadline for ordering additional tech: Fri 3 May

Arriving at the venue


See the link here for parking options near the EICC

• Use the Strathblane Entrance when you arrive
• The registration desk will be in the reception area in front of you
• Please ensure all speakers and symposia support staff are registered in advance
• Support staff who turn up on the day of your symposium without a badge will be required to register and pay before entry

Room set up
• You will be directed to your symposium room on arrival
• The room will be set up with 1 top table (made up of 2 tables together see above), 4 chairs and a lectern
• Water will be available on the table for your speakers
• A technician from the venue will oversee your presentation for you
• The venue technician will not check your presentation – this is your responsibility
• You may bring your presentation on a memory stick
• We do not record your session, though you can arrange this yourselves if desired (see guidelines above)
• You are also welcome to bring in your own technician – Please remember to register them

See the programme for the sessions running immediately before and after your presentation.

• Catering is provided to all meeting attendees
• To help ensure your session runs smoothly, lunches will be available for symposia guests nearby
• After collecting their food, delegates can take their lunch into your symposium

Your tenancy
• Your session cannot overrun
• Please vacate the room in the time frame given
• Leave the room in the same condition as you found it
• Failure to do this will result in additional charges

Anything we have missed?

Please email us with any queries you have.

Thank you for your support – we wish you a successful meeting!