ABN 2024

Poster Tour Guide

Poster Tour Session 1: Tue 21 May, 1630 – 1745

Poster Tour Session 2: Wed 22 May, 1415 – 1530

Poster Tour Chairs

Thank you for agreeing to chair a Poster Tour session at the meeting.

There will be 10 posters in your group.

The Posters will be displayed in the Strathblane Hall at the EICC.

Each submitter will give a short presentation of their work during their session. Your role, along with your co-chair, is to facilitate discussion and Q&A and to score each poster afterwards.

• Read the information below and email us with any queries
• Our response is 48 hours, but is usually within 24 (Monday – Friday, 9am – 5pm)

Poster Topics

Group no & DayTopicPoster nosChairs
Group 1: Tue 21Cognitive001 – 010Dan Blackburn & Timothy Rittman
Group 2: Wed 22Epilepsy011 – 020Heather Angus-Leppan & Ann Johnston
Group 3: Tue 21General/Vascular021 – 030Shona Scott & Anthony Perriera
Group 4: Wed 22Headache/Pain031 – 040Mireia Moragas Garrido & Alok Tyagi
Group 5: Tue 21Infection/Auto-immune041 – 050Tom Solomon & James Varley
Group 6: Wed 22Movement Disorders051 – 060Christopher Kobylecki & Ed Newman
Group 7: Tue 21MS/Inflammatory061 – 070Tarunya Arun & Klaus Schmierer
Group 8: Wed 22Neuromuscular Disorders071 – 080Dipa Jayaseelan & James Lilleker
Group 9: Tue 21Peripheral Nerve081 – 090Carolynne Doherty & Stephen Keddie
Group 10: Wed 22Quality, Service & Training091 – 100Gordon Ingle & Anjum Misbahuddin

Preparing for your Tour

• Read the abstracts in your session (links above – also on the app)
• Make contact with your fellow chair and establish how you will share the role
• Have at least one question for each presenter

Your Poster Tour

• Arrive in the Strathblane Hall before the session begins and locate your group of posters and your fellow chair
• Start on time
• Allow each presenter 5 minutes to share their work and answer any questions from the audience
• If questions are not forthcoming from the delegates, set the ball rolling with one of your own


• Please ensure you score each poster in your tour via the scoring link provided here or via the app.
• You are welcome to score other posters too
• Please complete your scoring by 1800 on Wed 22 May